Redispersible Polymer Powder


Bangshang International Co., Ltd is a top-notch manufacturer, exporter and supplier of RDP in China. Backed by a team of world class technicians and manufacturers we develop Redispersible Polymer Powder which pass all the necessary quality standards set by the international organizations for manufacturing. Our products are used as glue plaster, putty, coating agent, caulking agent, adhesive, exterior wall plaster mortar, exterior wall flexibility, decorative mortar, etc. our technicians provide a good dry and cool storage for our products and those remain protected against pressing and humidity. This is to ensure that the products supplied by us remain at their best of conditions.


Other Name Rd-Dispersible Powder
Appearance White powder, freely flowing
Solid Content ≥99.0%
Ash Content 10% ±2
Stacking Density 450-550g/L
Average Particle Size ~80 μm
PH Value 5.0-7.0
Glass Transition Temperature 10℃
Minimum Film-Forming Temperature 0℃


Standard Packing: In 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags / Big Bag or other special packages


Store it in a cool, dry place below 30°C and protected against humidity and pressing.