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Redispersible Polymer Powder

Redispersible Polymer Powder Manufacturer

Bangshang International Co., Limited is a leading redispersible polymer powder manufacturer in China. We also are licensed exporters and suppliers. Our products include hydroxyethyl cellulose, Cement Mortar Hydroxypropyl Methyl disaccharide, Tiles Adhesive HPMC, Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether, Methyl Hydroxy Ethyl disaccharide and other chemicals. We do not only cater to local demand, but we also serve customers outside China. Constant feedback from our overseas customers pushes us to thrive hard.

We are serving our clients for more than a decade. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and office is located in the South of ZhongXing Road, Jinzhou, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China. We always believe in quality-driven chemical products. Our top-notch and flawless products make us enable to lead the Chinese chemical industry. Due to our well-maintained manufacturing unit along with advanced machinery and latest technology, we make sure that our chemical products mentioned earlier are produced in accordance with the preset industrial standards.

The captioned product is a polymer emulsions that are converted through a continuous process like pressures and temperatures, surface treatment and spray drying to powdered thermoplastic resin materials. The inclusion of polymer emulsion into mortar can enhance the flexibility and cohesiveness of it. Firstly, the polymer powder can improve the retention capability concerning water. Secondly, dust can form a layer to minimize the evaporation of water. Also, it can better the bond strength of the mortar.

Best Redispersible Polymer Powder Manufacturer in China

The invention of re-dispersible polymer powder was in Germany back in 1953. Wacker Hemie made it possible for producing polymer-modified mortar. With consistent progress and innovation in the manufacturing method of subsequent batches, the polymer powder achieved significant results in combination with eventual applications. The vinyl acetate homopolymer powder is the first type of re-dispersible polymer powder. However, the mentioned kind was unsuitable to be used in a non-alkaline system. However, the powder can improve the rupture strength of a material.

Bangshang International Co., Limited’s certain granules based products can improve weathering resistance property of being freeze-proof, and durability. This polymer powder also intensifies the hydrophobicity and minimize water absorption. Due to significant bonding force concerning polymer material, the powder contains a better impact on the dry mortar.

Addition of the high quality redispersible polymer powder can improve the structure of cement mortar — the polymer powder forms into an irreversible network during the process of cement hydration. The plasticity possession of thermostatic resin of polymer powder can reduce the flatulence damage caused to cement mortar due to temperature changes.

We assure the high quality of our product. For this, our quality auditors check the products from the beginning of the manufacturing procedure to packaging till transportation. Supported by a well-developed logistics department, we are able of delivering bulk orders to our customers safely and on-time. So, if you are looking for quality redispersible polymer powder manufacturer and supplier, we are here to serve you.


Bangshang International Co., Ltd is a top-notch manufacturer, exporter and supplier of RDP in China. Backed by a team of world class technicians and manufacturers we develop Redispersible Polymer Powder which pass all the necessary quality standards set by the international organizations for manufacturing. Our products are used as glue plaster, putty, coating agent, caulking agent, adhesive, exterior wall plaster mortar, exterior wall flexibility, decorative mortar, etc. our technicians provide a good dry and cool storage for our products and those remain protected against pressing and humidity. This is to ensure that the products supplied by us remain at their best of conditions.


CAS No. 24937-78-8
Other Name Rd-Dispersible Powder
Place Of Origin Hebei, China (Mainland)
Appearance White powder, freely flowing
Solid Content ≥99.0%
Ash Content 10% ±2
Stacking Density 450-550g/L
Average Particle Size ~80 μm
PH Value 5.0-7.0
Glass Transition Temperature 10℃
Minimum Film-Forming Temperature 0℃
Package Standard Packing: In 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags / Big Bag or other special packages
Storage Store it in a cool, dry place below 30°C and protected against humidity and pressing.
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