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Redispersible Polymer Powder

Re-dispersible polymer powder (RPP) considered as a polymeric emulsion powder. When a redispersible polymer powder manufacturer mixes the powder with water, it re-disperses in water and forms new emulsions form. When the powder is mixed with mortar re-dispersible polymer powder increases bond strength, cohesion and flexibility in mortars.

What can RPP do?

RPP improves workability, corrosion resistance, adhesion force, water-retention property, and pot life and sag resistance.

Global Market

The world market for re-dispersible polymer powder has been categorized on the basis of application, polymer and end-user. In terms of polymer, the global market has been grouped into styrene-butadiene, vinyl ester of versatic acid (VeoVa), vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE), acrylic and others.

Acrylic Re-dispersible Polymer Powder

Acrylic was the top segment back in 2017 with regards to global re-dispersible polymer powder market. Acrylic-led RPP offers excellent flexibility, good cohesion and waterproofing characteristics. It has high hydrophobicity and corrosion resistance. This chemical powder is also employed to heal cracks and provide superior adhesive strength to various surfaces. Acrylic-based RPP gets priority to be used in cement-based products because of its brilliant hydrolysis resistance property. Other properties include water resistance, chemical stability, clarity, flexibility and rheology, versatility and resistance to alkaline environments.

Vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) based RPP

Vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) led re-dispersible polymer powder has extreme saponification resistance and a broad range of glass transition temperatures. It provides high flexibility and good bonding. The properties just mentioned are increasing the demand for VAE-based RPP across the world.

Global Market Segregation for RPP – Sub-product wise

With regards to the application, the market for RPP has been separated into:

  • Tile adhesives & grouts,
  • Mortars & cement,
  • Self-levelling underlayment
  • Plasters
  • Insulation & finish systems and others.

Redispersible polymer powder enhances workability and other key mechanical characteristics such as compression strength, tensile strength, flexural strength and transversal deformation of building items. In addition, the powder modern ceramic tiles when modified with RPP gets improved flexibility, cohesion and workability. RPP is also used in external insulations and finishing systems (EIFS).


Global Market Segregation for RPP – Region wise

In terms of region, the market for RPP has been classified into:

  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • North America

Redispersible Polymer Powder

As of 2017, Asia Pacific held the largest market share for Redispersible polymer. Between the the year 2018 and 2026 (as per www.transparencymarketresearch.com), the market of European countries like Germany, Italy, Turkey, and the UK is expected to grow moderately. Hail fall and heavy rains are forcing European market for RPP to expand.

USA is a leading customer for RPP in North America. Primary industry is construction for RPP. Similarly, Latin America and Africa are expected to expand immensely because of favorable state policies for housing. The market of RPP in Brazil and GCC is estimated to propel.

Wrap Up

Above information is enough for every chemical supplier to be redispersible polymer powder manufacturer in near future.

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