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Whether you need Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, methyl hydroxy ethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, or redispersible polymer then you are at the right place. Bangshang is a leading supplier of these and other chemicals.

Why Bangshang?

Price Friendly

Bangshang has made its name due to its market competitive pricing. We know customers have their budget; especially when they are in a business setup. Thus, we keep our rates customer-friendly so that they can keep coming to us and feel secure as far as costing is concerned.


We have had to make and offer cellulose and other products for a long to reputable businesses around China. We are here to stay and want to make inroads in the international market. We have the potential to grow and reach overseas clients as they also deserve quality. For growth, we have the necessary human power and technology to raise our bar and export our chemical products.

Quality Start to End

We know quality is the basic requirement; especially in the B2B scenario. Therefore, we ensure we put in the right amount of effort and use proper machinery and give them to qualified individuals to get quality output. Bangshang is a believer in quality in every package. Therefore, we have developed the mindset that no error should be there in any packet or every order. We know how carefully every order is placed and we also know the consequences that what will happen if the customer receives any substandard carton. So, we love our buyers’ revenue as the bottom line is the target of both. Rest assured, we care for you.

Our vision

As pet supplement manufacturers, our goal is to provide products that are worthy of praise because of their high quality and organic manufacturing. As a seasoned manufacturer of medicated ear drops for pets, we place a premium on establishing loyalty by hiring experts with a strong sense of commitment to their work.

Headquartered in Shijiazhuang (Hebei, China), Bangshang International Co., Ltd. is a name that is enlisted amidst the eminent manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of the high quality cellulose, polymer powders, and similar other products. The company has been operating in the industry since the year 2004. Since inception, we have been maintaining the supreme quality of our products.

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to saving lives and protecting property